Why Philip J. Wolfe wants to run for City Council?

I fell in love with Portland the very first time I visited. Over the years of residing in Seattle, my heart was still left in Portland. In 2010, I finally made a decision to make Portland my permanent home. Now, I am running for the City Council #2 seat against Nick Fish. I believe I am the right candidate for this position as I understand and connect with what the people of Portland truly want and need.

In my role as chairperson of COAB, Community Oversight Advisory Board, my interactions with City Council show a deeply concerning lack of care for community needs. I believe closed door politics hurt communities, and my goal is transparent policies and public inclusion on major decisions that affect us all.  As a City Council commissioner, my first priority is the empowerment of the people and breaking down barriers. I have a strong relationship with both the community and the City of Portland and once elected I can make real lasting change. On a united front, we can come together and make our marginalized voices heard to better the lives of everyone in our communities. Together we will be the change Portland desperately needs, and through work and love, we will conquer all odds.

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Philip J. Wolfe

Commissioner, Public Advocate

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