What is my standing on Portland LGBT Community?

A few LGBT members have asked me what my standing on Portland LGBT Community is. This is an important question. I would like an opportunity to let you know that I have been with the LGBT community for almost 30 years now. LGBT community welcomed me with open arms when I was a kid. My coming out to my family was brutal which led my decision to leave home at 16 because I did not feel safe at home. LGBT community plays a huge role in shaping who I am today.

I have watched through almost 3 decades how much the LGBT community has evolved with their accomplishments through fighting for civil rights. I have been a strong advocate for LGBT community for as long as I can remember. I founded LGBT support group way back in my high school because I wanted to create a safe space for us to talk about our struggles, services, and accomplishments. I took high school students (with the approval of our principal) to AIDS walk and gay pride. I wanted to educate by exposure and show them that we are here and that we are not alone. A role model plays a massive part of our journey as an LGBT member such as parents, teachers, peers and so on. Role model in politics is fundamental too.

I have used Q center services which is for LGBT community (http://www.pdxqcenter.org) while I reside in Portland. I have been an advocate for our LGBT community here in Portland. Q center has elected me as one of their 15 heroes here in Portland which hit home. This means so much more than you will ever know. I continue my activism with the LGBT community here in Portland.

As your future City Council 2018, I must say that I do not recall having a City Council as a member of LGBT, representing our LGBT community. This is my opportunity to serve you, protect you and support LGBT in thriving standing part of our community. I vow to see your voices being heard because you matter! Together, we work, love and conquer.

In ensuring LGBT community is protected, listened, and safe…

  • I fully support LGBT’s right to marry. I will make sure it stays that way. I will fight tooth and nails if this is taken away
  • I oppose the ban on Transgenders being enlisted in the military. I will fight tooth and nails to see that Transgender people are not being discriminated in the military.
  • I want to install VRS device at the Q center so that Deaf LGBT people can access to making phone calls in a safe space
  • I want to expand accessibility for Deaf LGBT people in accessing mental health services, health services, and social services.
  • I will ensure that our LGBT pride continues on providing accommodations, so it stays accessible for all
  • I fully support LGBT couples the right to adopt a child in any way
  • I fully support LGBT right to donate blood
  • I fully support the protection of LGBT people from discrimination: employment, housing, school, etc. I will fight tooth and nails if any LGBT is being harassed, bullied, assaulted because of their sexual orientation
  • I fully support LGBT local businesses and will fight tooth and nails if they are being targeted, harassed and bullied because of their sexual orientation. LGBT businesses deserve equal opportunity just like every other business here in Portland
  • I will advocate police training where they interact with people of LGBT with LGBT community’s inputs
  • I fully support in recognizing October 11 as our Coming Out day through education, exposure, and advocacy
  • I wholly in recognizing June as the annual month for LGBT pride events as Obama announced his support last year. LGBT community shall freely celebrate as a part of civil right movement

Anything else, I promise to take a look at whatever new issues may arise where LGBT may be concerned and seek solutions. I do not tolerate LGBT community to be treated as second class. Our LGBT community, in my opinion, is a huge contribution to shaping our society today. I am very proud and fortunate to be a part of our LGBT community and will stay forever until I die. I don’t know if we have a gay heaven up there, but there’s hoping.


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