Today, I’m finally An Official Candidate!!

This journey has been an opening experience for me. I struggle for a while when soliciting signatures because of communication barriers. I did collect around 250 signatures only to finally get the approved required signatures. Only through experience, I came up with a better strategy on how to earn more signatures at shorter time. After New Year, I submitted and learned that I got the 57 approved signatures which means I only need 43 more signatures. I decided to try a new approach this time. I wrote a personal letter attached with the signature forms, basically introduced myself, why I want to run for City Council 2018, and that I needed about 50 signatures which needs to be registered to vote with City of Portland, a resident with City of Portland and over 18 years of age. I also shared my goals what I wanted to work on. I also note for them to check my website. And finally that the Primary Election is coming this May 15, 2018. So with that personal letter I wrote and signature forms, I knocked over 400 doors for two days and got all the signatures I needed. Not just 43 but 25 extras, just in case. I learned that this approach works very well. I took the time to get to know each person and listened to their concerns. This is the most honest possible in earning each signature. I met with people from different walks of life which made me proud to be doing this.

I submitted all the signatures last Friday. Today, I received an email from the City Auditor’s office which confirmed that I got all the signatures needed with approval from State of Secretary’s office

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