Last Tuesday Debate Night…

There were a lot of things to process about what happened that night while I had a very busy schedule this week.

Before anything, I wish to apologize to my supporters who showed up last Tuesday night Debate event and suffered injustice. All of you could have left but you did not. You stood up. You stayed. And you supported me in midst of injustice. It breaks my heart to watch you getting frustrated trying to access what was happening while I had to stay together for the debate on stage and being filmed live. It was the most difficult position I was put on which was totally unfair. Because you stayed, by the love of our Universe, a dear friend of mine showed up a half hour later after the debate started. My friend was at work which was why my friend was late in showing up to offer my support while being a part of this historic moment because my friend is hearing raised by deaf parents. My friend is a CODA (Children of Deaf Adult). My friend has a deep understanding of our struggles, barriers and discrimination we face everyday because we are Deaf. My friend knows our ASL language, Deaf history and Deaf Culture so with that said, my friend was furious when my friend saw the injustice our Deaf audience suffered, not having access to the Debate event while it went on and left them to fend for themselves. My friend with our Deaf audience’s permission, took the Deaf Interpreter’s role so that our Deaf audience could access the Debate event. I was upset because my friend has to miss the whole thing due to the injustice. I was upset because my friend had to sit on stage through out the entire event, alone without a team, without a break and without planning. I was upset because the whole drama wouldn’t have happened if injustice chose to take my recommendations on all aspect of accommodations. But because my friend had an agreement with our Deaf audience I had no say in it but stay focused on the actual debate. For one to apologize over and over and over, saying that my friend saved the injustice’s ass is further more the injustice which upsets me more. I knew that my friend had no choice. My friend cannot sit back with the frustrated Deaf audience while accessing the whole event. This would have not happened if injustice agreed to hire the CDI team I already booked for us. My point is, the fact that our Deaf audience were willing to suffer through the entire event because they wanted to support me means the world to me. I can imagine their position because I have been in their position many times in my life. If they left, I will not blame them, but they stayed. They cheered on with posters, banners and signs. You inspired me to hold my head high and carry on the best I can. I knew then you are ok. For that, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you.

A lot went on more than what I’m telling you right now. I will elaborate on that. You may see from the perspectives from witnesses who hears. This may be biased. I feel it is important that you see from a Deaf candidate’s perspective. More soon. I wanted to address our Deaf audience first before anything. I am very busy but will catch up with you soon.


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