A Message For All Of You Who Wants To Host A Forum Event For Us Candidates

Because I’m Deaf and running for Portland City Council #2 the event shall readily provide accommodations for the event. There are certain steps to make:

1.) Contact me via text or email to confirm I’d need ASL interpreters. Please be aware that ideally, book interpreters at least 48 hours in advance. The sooner, the better.

2.) Contact Signing Resources Interpreting agency (SRI) and ask for Kelly who coordinates at bookings for ASL interpreters. 877-512-2246. Kelly will work with you on all aspects ie: costs, hourly rate, qualifications, team interpreters, etc.

3.) SRI will text me and give me a head up about you booking interpreter(s).

4.) Once you have confirmed everything, email me back with name of interpreters, where, time, date, etc so I can verify that you did your job.

5.) If you have issues with the booking because of the cost, or whatever, please contact me and I will work with you on that.

6.) When you put out an event page/flyer, make sure you add information about accommodations and who the person for anyone to contact requesting accommodations. This shall be in the event page/flyer to prevent the runaround and inspire people with disabilities to come because the event is being inclusive. After ASL interpreters are confirmed, you may want to add in your event page/flyer that you will be providing ASL interpreters so our Deaf community would be happy to attend. Inform that the site is accessible.

That’s it. This is basically how it works.

As far as accessibility goes, make sure the site has a ramp. I will be deciding where I want to sit depending on the lay out. Usually I arrive early to make sure everything is all good. If you are going to say I’m Deaf, go ahead. It is not a bad word. We say it with pride because Deaf comes with identity, culture, language and history. Hearing impaired is a BAD word. Please do not use that term irregardless of your peers who may use it, they are wrong. That term was invented by hearing doctors with pathological views and negative attitude towards us Deaf people. And there is no need to applaud or thank the interpreters. They are paid to provide service for all of us. Do you applaud people who provides mic for hearing people? 🙂

Audism is the notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears, or that life without hearing is futile and miserable, or an attitude based on pathological thinking which results in a negative stigma toward anyone who does not hear.[1] Tom L. Humphries coined the term in his doctoral dissertation in 1975[2], but it did not start to catch on until Harlan Lane used it in his own writings. Humphries originally applied audism to individual attitudes and practices; whereas Lane broadened the term to include oppression of deaf people.

Hopefully this information is helpful. If you have more questions, please feel free to let me know. Have a great day!


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