Voter’s Pamphlet: My own personal posted right here…

This is unfortunate to learn that my pamphlet is not in the voters’ pamphlet. Well, this shall not stop me from posting my own personal Pamphlet here.


Campaign pic

OCCUPATION: Art Museum Accessibility Task Force

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Food Courier; Department of Public Safety Standard Training; DHS Caregiver; Portland Commission on Disability

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: General High School Diploma; Model Secondary School for the Deaf

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chair-Community Oversight Advisory Board; Helped draft an ordinance, lobbied and passed on Captions being turned on all the times in all public places in Portland; Commissioner-Portland Commission on Disability

Does City Hall Represent Your Best Interests?

No. City Hall is not representing our communities for a long time now it needs a major change by replacing seats with people who appropriately represents our communities. There is a continuing disparity in class which poses problematic with high rent and houselessness crisis which needs addressing and City Hall is not addressing them.

City Hall wants 93 more officers which threatens our public safety, especially after April 7, 2018 when Police killed John Elifritz who was experiencing mental health crisis. This is a public safety crisis where City Hall hasn’t made any bold move on police reform. We need another mean of transportation in addressing congestion problem as our population is growing everyday. City Hall wants to spend a half billion dollars on freeway expansion project which will not solve however, increase congestion and chaos. Accessibility has proven problematic in Portland where City Hall is not addressing which compromises our public safety.


I am a lived experience with a disability. I am a lived experience as a gay person. I fought and won the passing on Captions. My experience with tracking record on police training, interactions with the police and civilian police training where my vision on police reform directs a needed path in solving police issues. City Hall needs to end anti-houseless laws.

  • Money shall be spent on social services, expand resources and affordable/accessible housing, not police

  • Invest in expanding another means of public transportation, not freeway expansion project for a better mean of accessibility

  • Campaign shall be funded by the city in order to support Democracy for a fair, transparent and accessible race because currently it is not

  • Implement rent control to reduce the huge disparity between the poor and rich and stop generification

  • Start taxing the church and the rich and use that tax money to invest for shelters, housing, and social services

There is no true representation in City Hall for people with disabilities. There is no true representation in City Hall for LGBTIQ. I am both. I believe I am the right candidate for Position 2 and will bring a long needed City Hall a healthy balance.

For more information about Philip J. Wolfe on why Philip wants to run for City Council, position 2, biography, achievements, and many more:

(This information is furnished by Elect Philip J. Wolfe) The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.



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