Interpreter Appreciation Day

Dear ASL/Deaf Interpreter community,

I want to take the time right now to thank each interpreter who I have worked with through my journey in politics. It is a honor and privilege to work with many AMAZING interpreters. Not only that you are skilled, professional and trustworthy, you care. You have supported me through my campaign. You do hang out with us in our Deaf events where you continue to stay aware of our Deaf issues, empower us and stay updated with the current changing in our Deaf community. You stayed after work to get feedbacks from me as a team. You show up early before work to learn what this work involves. This kind of commitment, is truly inspiring. Our collaboration as a team is what thrives for better future Portland as I have been addressing accessibility issues as it is important to me as well as our communities. Thank you!

I also want to thank Signing Resources Interpreting agency who busted their butt in coordinating accessibility for my campaign. You seriously rock! Thank you!

You know who you are. You are appreciated beyond words. See/work with you all soon in the near future!


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