Deaf Forum last night was a big hit!!

Thank you Purple, ORID, OAD, WOU, Beyond Tone, CymaSpace, DeafVibe and PCC for a fabulous collaboration in a huge success hosting a Deaf forum last night!! You provided a FULLY accessible event where some hearing forums failed to do. I felt at home! It was definitely an eye opening for many.

Stuart Emmons introduced his name in ASL! I held tears. It was beautiful!

What I saw last night, Deaf people said they felt inspired to watch a Deaf leader taking a stand because we share the same struggle. I truly know exactly what that’s like. I can’t be more proud to have this opportunity to raise voice, awareness and inspire changes.

JoAnn Hardesty shared her experience about her father losing his hearing. Last night, it was up close and personal. It was amazing!

Thank you again for all coming last night!! You rock!! I hope this would inspire Deaf candidates like Chris Haulmark and others to have the same opportunity and open people eyes.

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