PNW Family Circle Fundraiser With PDX’s Own LaRhonda Steele

Donna Hayes contacted me and asked me to come and present for their event earlier this afternoon. Thank you Donna! It is a true honor and privilege to get to know all of you there, heart to heart.

We cried together. We danced together. We ate together. We talked together. This is a very powerful event. I watched three mothers who shared their anguish and pain after police murdered their child. I embraced and felt their pain.

I talked about my platform on police reform but mostly my experiences on police brutality. It was like opening wound all over again and again relieving nightmares but we must talk about this because what is happening with police killings is not okay. There are thousands of people lives stolen by the police with no police accountability. This is our reality. We together take a stand against police brutality. No Justice, No Peace. What happened in this room was people as comrades came together in seeking hope and justice.

I would like to share some pictures and video clips with you. Remember them. I hope that our mayor Ted Wheeler, City Council folks, Chief Outlaw, DA, all police, well, everybody sees this and take home to honestly think about this police violence because this is a crisis. Racism runs deep in the police force, not just biases as excuse not to mention the ‘R’ word. Racism. I am not attacking anyone specifically but the oppressive system/police culture. We are no longer safe. Filming the police is our ONLY defense tool against police violence. This is a fact, this is not a joke.

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